November 19, 2021 December 29th, 2021
Knights Fabrication in Forbes, NSW

Thanks to the guidance of MBC Group Services and Xero, Knights Fabrication remains a much loved and trusted local service.

Successfully running and managing family business Knights Fabrication for more than 40 years. It has been a passion for the father and daughter combination Bill and Kaushulya (Shuey) Knight. But it hasn’t been without its struggles.

Shuey first decided to work for the family business when she was 20 years old. Her mother, Vanessa had played an important role in running the business and managing the bookwork. Since it was first established, while Bill focused on his skill of steel fabrication and machinery.

The business grew and was renowned for its high-quality work. But the shocking diagnosis of her mother’s cancer saw Shuey and her father trying to manage the accounts while also commuting between Sydney specialists and Forbes to provide comfort and care for Vanessa.

Taking on the running of the business was really overwhelming,” Shuey said. “While mum had her systems, and worked closely with our accountant, it was all just boxes of invoices and handwritten documentation. We found it hard to sort it out without mum’s help.”

Shuey and her father decided to find an accountant who can assist them in getting things back on track. And they had heard positive reports about MBC. “We wanted a professional firm who used more modern processes to manage things. We also liked that they showed an interest in our business and took the time to visit our workshop.” MBC met with Bill and Shuey to transfer their bookwork to an online system and manage their accounts while also offering assistance in business management.

The team at Knights Fabrication also supported Shuey, a woman in a man’s world, as she found herself in the position of taking on her mother’s role. “They have given me the confidence to follow mum’s lead and work it all out for myself. I don’t have a title, but I have the job, and the boys here, along with the team at MBC, helped me navigate the challenges to make the business work while also fulfilling mum’s wish of taking care of her at home, not in a hospital.”

Three years after Vanessa lost her battle with cancer, Shuey and her father continue to run this well-respected local business. “Thanks to Ben and the team at MBC, Dad has been able to step back a little. He still loves his work but he can take time out whenever he likes and work on the things he enjoys.”

Managing family expectations about the future have also been a topic delicately approached by the MBC team. “It’s something the family of five hadn’t talked about, and probably wouldn’t have, if Ben and the MBC team hadn’t started the conversation. Thanks to them, our family has a clear sense of how the business runs. We’re gradually considering what will happen in the future. It’s kept our family close and we’re so lucky to have that.”

With the recent addition of an office in Forbes, MBC is now in the position to help more local businesses. “I think Dad will like that he can walk into the Forbes office to talk to the team, who has been a big part in making our business what it is today,” Shuey said.

MBC Forbes office is situated at 121 Lachlan Street and is open Monday to Friday from 8.30 am to 5 pm.