Professional Development: The Key to Thriving at MBC Group Services

February 5, 2024
Professional Development

In the rapidly evolving accounting world, continuous professional development is crucial for success. At MBC Group Services in Orange, we embrace this philosophy wholeheartedly, implementing a comprehensive approach to foster growth and excellence within our team. Our professional development strategy centres around six key pillars outlined below. Our commitment to this approach is reflected in the insights of Melanie Dunn, our Business Development Manager, who recently participated in the Emerging Leaders Program via a partnership with The Icehouse in NZ and Chartered Accountants AU and NZ.

Our Six Key Pillars of Professional Development

  • Wellbeing Program: We prioritise our team’s mental and physical health, ensuring they can perform optimally in all aspects of life.
  • In-House Training: Our regular “Lunch and Learn” sessions provide ongoing learning and skill enhancement in a collaborative environment.
  • Professional Mentoring: Each team member benefits from the guidance and insights of experienced mentors, aiding their career journey.
  • External Professional Development: We invest in external training, such as the Emerging Leaders Program, to keep our team abreast of the latest industry trends and practices.
  • Career Progression: We offer straightforward and rewarding career advancement opportunities, acknowledging dedication and achievement.
  • Stability and Flexibility: Recognizing the importance of work-life balance, we provide a stable yet flexible work environment.
  • Social Events: Regular social events foster a strong team culture, essential for collaboration and camaraderie.

The Emerging Leaders Program Experience

Melanie Dunn’s participation in the Emerging Leaders Program, offered by Chartered Accountants AU and NZ, is a prime example of our commitment to external professional development. This program is specifically designed for members in management and supervisory roles, focusing on enhancing leadership skills and engaging others effectively.

Over five months, the program included 12 virtual interactive group sessions and a final presentation session. It aimed to:

  • Equip participants with new skills, frameworks, and effective leadership and communication tools.
  • Boost personal effectiveness and confidence in influencing others.
  • Offer practical insights into individual behaviour and communication preferences through a complete profile analysis.
  • Enable participants to explore and apply varied leadership approaches and develop a personal leadership plan.

Melanie found the program particularly beneficial in areas of interpersonal effectiveness and influence. She appreciated aligning the program’s content with our in-house training and mentoring, including managing distractions, time management, and personal branding. Critical learnings for Melanie included:

  • The importance of adapting communication styles.
  • Customising leadership approaches to meet team needs.
  • Strategic planning and measuring outcomes.
  • Viewing employees with the same attention as customers.
  • Recognising the role of discipline and positive thinking in success.
  • Building high-performing teams through focused goals and mutual accountability.


At MBC Group Services, we understand that the growth of our team is integral to our success. Melanie Dunn’s experience in the Emerging Leaders Program highlights the effectiveness of our approach, combining internal and external opportunities for professional development.

For accounting graduates or seasoned accountants seeking a career with a firm that values growth, MBC Group Services in Orange is a sound choice. Our commitment to comprehensive professional development, a focus on well-being, career progression, and a vibrant team culture positions us as a leading regional accounting firm. We would welcome a conversation if you are considering the next move in your accounting career or your first move. Reach out to us to be part of a team where your development is as important as your professional contributions.