October 15, 2021 November 24th, 2021
Amy Reid from Crowther

Today is International Day of Rural Women and MBC Group Services would like to celebrate and honor all women and girls living in rural areas. This day is designed to recognize the enormous contribution that rural mothers, daughters, and grandmothers make towards producing our food and fiber and driving agricultural and rural development.

Women have been involved in agriculture for hundreds of years, however, this has not always been recognized. Rarely are women referred to as farmers, more likely it is “farmer’s wife” or “farmer’s daughter”. It wasn’t until 1984 that “farmer” was given as an option as a woman’s occupation in the census. Change has begun and women are starting to get acknowledgment and respect for what they do and contribute to agriculture in Australia.

Some women are still reluctant to call themselves “farmers”, not able to celebrate the meaningful impact they make to their farming business. Whether the workday includes being outside hands-on with stock and crops, or inside managing the farm finances, or raising children, their contribution to the success of the farm and the family is significant.

In recent years there has been a range of fantastic initiatives celebrating the role of rural women in our community. We have provided a couple of references here, so have a look around and read or listen to some of our amazing rural women.

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Rural Women’s Network – Facebook

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