August 20, 2021 December 15th, 2021
application integration

Xero is one of the most popular accounting platforms in the world, and is one of our favourites. It is powerful enough for everything we need as professional accountants and bookkeepers, yet is easy and intuitive enough for those with no financial training, making it a perfect solution for small business.

One of the great benefits of Xero is the long list of add-ons and apps that integrate with the software, saving time and effort for you, your accountant, and your whole team. Best of all, these connections are already built for you, so you shouldn’t need much help to get started (although remember we are here if you need us).

Firstly we should distinguish between add-ons and apps.

  • Add-ons: extra tools built by Xero itself;
  • App Integrations: outside software companies that have built a connection with Xero accounting software.

Many add-ons were explicitly built from scratch by Xero, including Xero Projects, Xero Practice Manager, and Workflow ax. But the company has also built its own connections to a few key software providers like Microsoft Outlook, Mailchimp, and HubSpot.

As with all technology, sometimes things get broken so it is important to know where to turn for help. This is determined by who “owns” the connection. When an add-on breaks, it’s Xero’s job to fix it. When an app integration breaks, it’s the other party’s responsibility.

We recently picked up a client whose point of sale system (POS) was not updating the Xero file when returns or refunds were processed through the POS. The integration had been in place for a number of years and, unknown to all, was incomplete in it’s initial setup by the POS app provider. Once we identified the issue, we worked with both the POS system advisors, the client and the client’s accountant to find a solution. Many adjustments and corrections we required which then flowed through to amending three years worth of GST and activity statements. The end result was a significant refund of GST for the client due to overstated sales amounts.

Here at MBC we LOVE technology and all the efficiencies it brings, however we are also fully aware of the risks and pitfalls that can come with it. As professional bookkeepers and accountants, we have the expertise to identify this type of integration issue and then fix it.

Whether you are an accounting client, bookkeeping client or neither, we provide Xero training and advice, and can recommend the right integration solution for your business. We are also here to help you when things break. Reach out on 6362 0988 anytime.
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