September 3, 2021 December 24th, 2021
MBC Accounting

I think we would all agree that everyone is suffering from COVID-fatigue and struggling to keep up with the changing restrictions and new support measures.  It is difficult to imagine there is an upside in any of this.   However I believe the accelerated adoption of cloud technology has huge benefits to business.  

I’ve always been a bit old school when it came to running my day at work.  I had a big black diary that I carried around. It was like my bible or playbook.  It held everything from meeting notes, things to do, big ideas, strategy planning and client notes.

Over the years I’ve had many attempts to convert to the world of technology, however I’d always fall back into old habits.  

About 3 years ago I attended my first XEROCON in Brisbane.  Xerocon is a bit like Expo 88, targeted at technology in the world of accounting and bookkeeping. Xerocon is a celebration of the power of Xero – its accessibility, flexibility, transparency and automation.  

Xerocon was a turning point for me, and for MBC.  I realised that if we didn’t change our ways, the MBC business was going to be left behind. 

Shortly afterwards, MBC made the change – we took a giant step and plunged into the world of Xero, and I fell in love.  I fell in love with Xero and what it could deliver – accessing the information I want, how I want, where I want and when I want.  This information gave me the power to understand my business and identify which areas to focus on.  The power of these products is unlimited. 

The real upside for me is being able to share Xero with our clients, many of whom had started the technology journey long before the pandemic hit.   

Covid, and the necessity for remote working, have underlined the need for cloud technology to ensure business continuity and online collaboration. The pandemic may have forced others to change earlier than anticipated, but I doubt they’ll ever go back.  

One of MBC’s key cultural strengths is our commitment to building strong relationships with our clients. Traditionally this has been face to face, however, during these difficult times we have also had to change.  Xero and the associated apps, along with tools like Zoom and Microsoft Teams, has allowed the MBC Team to continue to work closely with our clients, providing financial service while building our relationships. 

The black diary is dead and now my day looks like this:

  • Turn on my laptop;
  • Jump into Trello to see what’s on for the day;
  • Check into Teams to see how everyone is going;
  • Log into Xero and Etani to review the business dashboards.

I understand that it’s difficult for business owners to stay on top of what’s happening while keeping their staff employed and their businesses afloat.  If there is one thing to tick off the to do list during these terrible times, it’s moving your business into the online world. The power and efficiency which can be gained from having up to date information at your fingertips is priceless.  

If you need help getting started, or choosing the best tools for your business, MBC can assist. Contact us on 6362 0988 or email [email protected] and we’ll arrange a time to catch up in the cloud.