Sep 02

3 reasons why it's okay for you to brag about your business

You come across all kinds of people. Which is great, because if we were all the same life would be pretty boring.


There are introverts who like going about their day with minimal fuss and staying out of the spotlight. They’re quite happy to talk, or give their opinion if you ask for it, but will rarely drive or even start a conversation.

And then there are those who like being the centre of attention. They generally control the room at social events, and are often known as “The Loud Ones”. (And yes, we know who you are.)

I’d say I'm somewhat of a mix. I was definitely an introvert early on in life, happily taking a back seat in most situations and watching everything that went on around me from a distance. I had my group of friends, but I rarely went outside that.

But I seem to have come out of my shell recently. It may have something to do with my wife. (She’s definitely the loud one in our relationship, and I wouldn’t get a word in if I didn't speak up.) It may just be the fact I’m maturing.

Or it may be coming from pride, self-belief and believing in what I do.

For an introvert I think I'm pretty good at what I do. I talk openly about my working week, my passion for helping small business owners “find their way through the jungle of owning a business”.

In any successful business we go through stages — from the so-called “honeymoon period” through to maturity.

And as our business matures, we too mature and become more successful. Our ideas start to work, and it feels like we finally ‘get’ it. “Wow, I can actually do this.”

We may not realise we’re passing the various milestones. But at some point we realise we’re good at what we do. Whether it’s running a cafe, manufacturing a product, or providing a service (like I do), we realise we can help people. Offer them a great service. Make a difference.

It’s not arrogance. It’s self-belief. A realisation.

And it’s something we should all embrace.

MBC was recently nominated for the local business awards.

It’s a great achievement by the team, and a deserving reward for us all. It makes you feel good — especially when it’s your business.

Of course, getting involved in business awards isn't for everyone. It involves talking about yourself and your business which, for introverts, doesn't come naturally. But even some extroverted business owners steer clear because they feel like they’re boasting, bragging and beating their chest in front of everyone.

Which is a pity. After all, if the process for being nominated and judging is fair then why shouldn’t they be able to boast about their business?

So if you're good at what you do, and you’ve put everything you have into your business — blood, sweat, tears and more — then you should be proud of what you’ve created. And you should be able to demonstrate that pride during awards such as these.

Even if you don’t get involved in business awards, you should take every opportunity to showcase your business and be seen seen as a leader in your industry. Here are three good reasons why:

  1. From a marketing perspective, it lets you stand out from the crowd and show you’re a leader in your field. Pretty good advertising if you ask me. 
  2. It’s a pat on the back for you and your team, and motivates everyone involved in your business. Your success is their success.  
  3. It can also be a real positive for your existing customers. They feel part of it, and that they’ve made the right choice. 

So don’t be shy about your business’ success. Be proud of what you’ve created, and tell the world about it.

Even if you only do it once.